eXTRA virgin olive oil, first cold press of organically grown arbequina olives - EEC CONTROL SYSTEM




This oil is produced from organic “Arbequina” olives from our real estates, as well as the production of eleven other growers in our region. Production is therefore limited. All product origins are controlled and certified by the CCPAE – Catalan Council of the Organic Producticon – under the EEC standards. Each farmer gets the certification after three years once they have started the organic way to grow the olive trees. During this time they consider that the soil has eliminated all the sulfites that have been used before. The climate in our region is ideal for the organic farming of the Arbequina olive trees. During the winter, temperatures are very low (falling to between –5 and –7 degrees at its lowest) and it is often foggy. These two factors cause a layer of frost to form on the olives, which helps us to eliminate most of the insects and also maintains the temperature of the olives at a minimum of 0 degrees. Conversely, the summer is very hot and dry which controls the number of insects, ensuring that they do not adversely affect the olives.


As can be seen in the photograph, the fields of Veá show natural farming methods without pesticides or herbicides, to ensure a natural soil. After the harvest, once the fields are plowed, the reaped weeds and flowers are used as a natural fertilizer. Another important factor is the low temperatures which eliminate insects and plagues, and additionally every 2 or 3 years quantities of untreated soil are added from surrounding hills. This, together with the humus from the soil and the excellent treatment it receives, make possible an exceptional production.

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Brand: L'Estornell
Product: Virgin olive oil Extra Ecological Certificate
Zone of origin: Lleida
Proprietor: VEÁ, S.A.
Production: 25.000 to 40,000 Ls.
Olive trees: Arbequina 100%
Suppliers: 25 agriculturists
Presentations: 25 CL., 50 CL and 75 CL.
Date of production: of November to February
Period of conservation: 1 year (according to the law)


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