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estornell vinegar
Grenache Rotweinessig
Markierung: L'Estornell
Produkt: Grenache Rotweinessig
Vielfalt: Grenache
Besitzer: VEÁ S.A.
Bereich der Herkunft: Priorat
ProduKtion: 12,500
Fasser: 46 barrels of oak
Präsentationen: 25cl und 50 cl.

This vinegar is produced in the southern region of Priorato in Catalonia using exclusively the red grapes of the Garnacha variety. It is aged in oak barrels for more than 20 years. The vinegar is extracted from the barrels in small quantities, at intervals of no less than a year.
It is a completely natural product with no additives.
The Vinegar has a rosy, coppery-coloured hue with hints of orange, and is slightly opaque. It has a bold, powerful aroma which reflects its maturity. Intense and slightly acidic.




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