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In order to taste and evaluate the olive oil we need four of the five senses, sight, smell, taste and touch (texture).

The sense of sight even though being a secondary sense in a tasting can easilly tell us if the olive oil is too young (green) or too mature while at the same time preparing the other senses. It is the natural gate to all nurture. The sense of smell is the primare sense in a tasting since it allows to acknoledge the bitter flavours. Taste also plays an important rol through the membranes located in the rear side of the throat which let you feel the pungeant flavours. Finally you can examine the texture of an olive oil by sensing how does it feel in your mouth.

Hence in a tasting of olive oil you can ascertain two important attributes. The type of olive oil, whether is smooth, strong or intense as well as how pungeant it is, which is really significant because this second feature gets amplified when combined with highly seasoned food.



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