VEA extra virgin olive oil

A mixture of extra virgin olive oil and virgin coffee oil, obtained from hand-selected, roasted Arabic beans from the prestigious area of Antigua in Guatamala.

As a result a unique coffee oil is obtained.The fruit and freshness of the Arbequina extra virgin olive oil lends an excellent aroma and tone to the coffee oil.

The high quality of both oils make this a unique and very special product.


This is a new and innovative product.The oil is extracted from hand-selected, roasted Arabic beans, previously carefully roasted to obtain the maximum aroma.The oil is mechanically extracted and therefore the essence of roast coffee is obtained.The final step is to filter the coffee oil and mixture in the correct proportions.


Colour : Old gold green

Nose : Dominance of recently ground coffee aroma, roast, spicy details, walnuts, almonds and spices.

Taste : A surprising sensation in the mouth, the texture of olive oil which combines with the freshness of recently cut grass together with the immediate, rounded quality of recently roasted coffee which slowly disappears.

Ending : A lengthy ending, leaving some spicy sensations of wood, slightly sour and spicy but also smooth, persistent, like a good expresso.


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