For generations, the VEÁ’s name has represented quality of the highest level, in both, the cultivation of olive trees, and the extraction of the best extra virgin olive oil.

A member of the Veá’s family continues with the target of maintaining and rase tose standards. We have introduced the latest production techniques, but also rigorously preserved the traditions methods of cultivation and selection. The family insistente that only the very best oil are bottled Ander our brands.

Our oils are considered one of the best in the world.

There are many different factors in the extraction of olive oil which is responsible for the character and the quality of the final product. The olive variety, the soil, the climate, the care taken picking the olives, the ability and know-how to molturate and the art of blending. But above all, there is the character of the good producer, his persistent commitment in following his own rules, with no other aim than the quality and integrity of the final product.

In the Veá family, that integrity is inflexible, and affects every step in the process of creating and marketing our oils.